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GRABO Battery

Аккумулятор Grabo – это литий-ионный аккумулятор высокой емкости с напряжением 14,8 В постоянного тока и емкостью 2600 мАч. Он специально разработан для работы со всеми моделями GRABO, обеспечивая совместимость и оптимальную производительность. Этот аккумулятор является отличной заменой или резервным источником питания для вашего устройства GRABO


Артикул: GB2500 Категория: GTIN: 840082400059
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Аккумулятор высокой емкости – подходит для всех моделей (14,8VDC 2600 мАч Li-ion), упакованный в полноцветную коробку.

4-х ячеечный литий-ионный аккумулятор для всех моделей GRABO. Подходит для “Nemo GRABO”, “GRABO Pro”, “GRABO Plus”, “PROBST FXAH GRABO”

GRABO battery

GRABO extra battery spec:

Состав батареи Lithium Ion
Количество единиц 1 Count
Напряжение 14.8 Volts
Вес товара 7.04 Ounces
  • Высокое качество
  • Одобрено OSHA
  • Время работы на полной зарядке: 1.5 часа
  • Время зарядки 2 часа
  • Идеально подходит для промышленных и коммерческих приложений


Вес 1 фунт


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  1. Русский


    I am using this to lift and hold 26ga metal siding.
    I am not using it to move them but to lift and hold them in place while they are screwed in.
    I had a manual pump one but it only lasted a couple of weeks, I have been using this one daily for close to a month now.
    I am glad I spent the extra money on this one.
    5 STARS

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Русский

    New England Yankee

    I was skeptical, thinking the electric pump was gimmicky. But the cup appeared robustly constructed and Grabo’s electric vac cups are successful in their industrial line, so I ordered the Ottovac, which is in a more conventional form factor.

    It is truly robustly constructed. I particularly like having a steel handle frame. While there are a number of plastic parts, including much of the pump itself and the pressure release, they are non-stressed parts. Weight bearing parts are stout and the weight ratings and limits reflect that.

    My need is to assist in appliance and furniture moving, often simply to get items away from walls, over obstacles like rugs and sills, and to put them on dollies. Vac cups provide handles where you need them and, when the item is vac cup appropriate, MUCH faster and easier to use than just about any other method aside from an electric or hydraulic lift.

    I tested the Grabo Ottovac on wood furniture, on glass, and on appliances. The furniture items were mostly clear wood finishes – poly, lacquer, etc. – with somewhat porous surfaces. The Ottovac did lose vacuum on these, but the pump kept the vacuum in the green zone, allowing me to use the cup with no issue. I wouldn’t carry something any distance this way, but for a quick lift, it’s terrific and something that’s often either not possible at all or dangerous with a manually-pumped vac cup. On the non-porous surfaces, the Ottovac works perfectly and holds vacuum like any good vac cup … but is easier to use.

    A couple of small things: First, I do have to give a bit of a push on the cup when starting in order to get the vacuum to grab initially. Second, the release “button” is wonderfully easy to reach and use, but is almost TOO easy. An inadvertent release on a vac cup can be very dangerous. I wouldn’t mind having the release positioned down somewhat so as to make it less likely to hit it accidentally. Finally, the metal handle is smooth. It feels good but is slippery if your hands are wet or sweaty. Use gloves or tape-wrap the handle.

    This is a very good product, well-made, and effective. A few tweaks and it would be perfect. As it is, it’s a substantial step up in usability from the value-priced cups on the market. You pay for that, but IMO it’s worth it.

    Review source: Amazon

  3. Русский


    Makes laying pavers much easier. I tried it on bluestone, concrete pavers and plywood. Doesn’t work on cinder block.

    Review Source: Lowe’s

  4. Русский

    Sandra Masquith

    The Grabo is a work-enabler. It lets you lift heavy things and will help hold large or heavy or awkward objects

    Review source: Amazon

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