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Переносной электрический вакуумный подъемник и включает цифровой датчик давления, расположенный на ручке для удобного просмотра. Автоматические датчики давления обеспечивают постоянный вакуум. Перезаряжаемые аккумуляторы питают вакуумный подъемник, который может поднимать 375 фунтов (170 кг).

Набор включает:

  • Переносной электрический вакуумный подъемник GRABO Pro с цифровым датчиком давления
  • Автоматические датчики давления включают и выключают насос, чтобы обеспечить постоянный вакуум.
  • Пропускная способность насоса: 20 литров в минуту обеспечивает огромную грузоподъемность
  • 1 аккумулятор и зарядное устройство с международными адаптерами
  • Предустановленный на инструмент уплотнитель из пенорезины
  • Прочная сумка из нейлона Запасные фильтры
  • Инструкция на английском языке с яркой коробкой для дисплея


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GRABO Pro – это новый необходимый инструмент для всех профессий. С умным цифровым дисплеем давления, удобно расположенным на ручке с дисплеем для давления (PSI, Bar) и веса (кг, фунты), этот инструмент убирает все догадки из подъемных работ. GRABO Pro оснащен встроенным датчиком давления, который автоматически включает и выключает вакуумный насос для поддержания постоянной безопасной зоны для подъема материалов. Вакуумный насос GRABO Pro перемещает 20 литров воздуха в минуту, обеспечивая огромную грузоподъемность и способен поднимать практически любую поверхность весом до 375 фунтов (120 кг). Патентованное пенорезиновое уплотнение, которое поставляется с инструментом GRABO Pro, прочное, устойчивое к погодным условиям, но при этом легко заменяется в случае повреждения.

GRABO Pro поставляется с полной фабричной гарантией на 12 месяцев, которую можно продлить до 18 месяцев при регистрации продукта на нашем веб-сайте. С профессиональной технической поддержкой, базирующейся в США, если у вас возникнут какие-либо проблемы, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами. Мы здесь, чтобы вы могли работать!


Вес 7 фунт

9 отзывов на GRABO PRO

  1. Русский

    G. Myrick

    I have been using it to lift plywood panels, which at age 72 is not easy for me. The GRABO is a tremendous help. I was working with a sheet of 3/8 Doug/fir AC plywood, and it grabbed onto the A side, pulled the vacuum and would then shut off, restarting in about 45 seconds, when it had lost a certain amount of vacuum. After cutting the plywood down to 43×76, I grabbed the C side to carry it out and place it on rafters. The GRABO grabbed on fine but ran continuously. It never slipped. I also intend this for use with a small vacuum bag, and a Festool type board holder for sanding and routing.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Русский

    Chuck Reavis

    This product REALLY sucks! LOL

    Review source: Amazon

  3. Русский

    Dennis J

    Be patient as you learn to implement these into your normal routines.

    Review source: Amazon

  4. Русский

    Danny Cheston

    Excellent helper

    Review source: Amazon

  5. Русский

    Sandra Masquith

    The Grabo is a work-enabler. It lets you lift heavy things and will help hold large or heavy or awkward objects

    Review source: Amazon

  6. Русский


    The only things I’ve been unable to grip with mine are objects in which either:
    A. …the surface is SO covered with particulate matter (e.g. covered in sand, dust, powder/flour, etc.) that the device is unable to form a seal, or…
    B. …something whose surface is not only irregular, but is also too porous to draw a vacuum against (roll of carpet, pile of pumice stone, a screen door, etc.), or…
    C. …something whose surface isn’t capable of supporting itself under any circumstances anyway (a pool of water, a pile of gravel, etc.)

    …and you know what? That’s all TOTALLY FAIR.

    One doesn’t pick up one of mankind’s most effective electromagnets and then grouse about it “”not working on non-metallic items””, or one of the world’s most-powerful acids, only to whine about it being “”unable to dissolve glass,”” either (or, at least, not without getting promptly lumped into the category of “”humans I hate on principle””).

    I CAN lift plywood, drywall/sheetrock/gypsum board/hardiback, tile, granite, marble, glass, metal of any sort, appliances, floor tools, cabinets, furniture… and gods only know what else I’ve yet to discover and/or simply haven’t thought to experiment with yet! Yanno the old saw about “”it’s not heavy, it’s just awkward!””? It’s genuinely shocking how true that actually is. We were able to move a California King mattress wrapped in plastic with NO problems. It was EASY with something to actually get a positive grip on.

    Hell: I was able to stick ONE of them to a finished ceiling, HANG PULLEYS from its integrated mounting brackets, and use IT, in turn, to HOIST A 90lb dust collector EIGHT FEET UP A WALL, then REST IT ATOP A SECOND ONE stuck to a bloody FINISHED INTERIOR WALL, tie off the rope, and leave it there – supported only by their respective suctions – until I had time to climb a ladder and lag bolt it in – OVERHEAD, AND BY MYSELF.

    Izzy Swan – genius inventor and all-around roaring badass – has done some really, REALLY cool brainstorming videos surrounding the use of them, too (I’m not affiliated in any way, just trés impressed):

    So has Andrew Klein (equally-genius, equally-badass-of-the-roaring-variety):

    Yes: they’re expensive. But, I assure you: you’ll be stunned how many applications around the shop you’re likely to find.
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    Review source: Amazon

  7. Русский

    Wallace Palmer

    What a great invention for lifting things. Advancing arthritis makes me appreciate any tool that makes lifting things easier. Get one or two of these if you “need a lift” in your day.

    Review source: Amazon

  8. Русский

    The Cat Man

    I’m revising my previous review and apologize for the 1 star rating. I initially had a difficult time getting it to work properly and was frustrated with it when I wrote the review. I got it to work and I’m pleased! It’s a well made tool and I’m glad I made the purchase. Although, I wish it were a bit lighter and it wasn’t necessary to remove the battery to charge. Perhaps that’s a waterproofing issue. Minor though.

    Review source: Amazon

  9. Русский

    LeGrand Adventure LLC TM

    I tried to show others how great this machine was on brand new flakeboard and plywood, Not So Much; Tried several times and Nope! I tied several areas and gave them plenty of time to draw vacuum…

    Review source: Amazon

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Легко и беспрепятственно перемещайте даже самые большие напольные покрытия, кусок за куском. Осторожно перемещайте хрупкие плитки и ландшафтные элементы из одной комнаты в другую. 


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  1. Русский


    This suction cup actually works well with sheet metal, but you have to make sure that the sheet is relatively flat when you are pulling the suction on it. If the suction does break loose, the pump automatically starts back up to achieve a suction back on the sheet. I have used this to move around 5′ x10′ x 16 gauge stainless steel sheets by myself and the cup locks on well and stays locked on while picking the sheet up vertically on its side. It will not pick the sheet up if it is laying flat, though you can lift one end up in order the get it up off of the sheet below it or to just help you stand it up on one edge. I use rechargeable batteries in mine and put them on charge after every use so I can’t say how long normal alkalines would last in this, but I really do like the auto pump on this suction cup.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Русский

    Matt Ridgway

    Wow what a tool. Used it to pull tiles off of a wall after cutting the grout joints.
    Lifted sand stone no problem.

    Review Source: dortechdirect.co.uk

  3. Русский

    Jeremy Johnson

    Ordered this last week after doing a glass install job. Did a bunch or research on different options. This seemed like the most advanced option. I of course was a little sceptical that it would work as good as it was shown. I opened it up and went into an apartment I’m renoing currently. Stuck it to the side of the fridge and was easily able to lift one side with no issues. I have shown it to a fellow tradesman who is thinking of purchasing a set or two for his quartz business he was so impressed with a couple minutes of operation time. I even tried to pick up our one home-made air scrubber. It weighs around 85lbs. The top is rough plywood and was covered in dust. After the machine sucked itself down it was no problem to pick up. After a quick blowdown we managed to pick it up without the motor on.(this being despite the manufacturer instructions to keep motor going on porous materials) just to see if it could live upto the hype. Very impressed and will recommend to anyone I can.

    Review source: Amazon

  4. Русский

    Richard O

    The S1 has been a fantastic addition to my GRABO. So much easier and comfortable to lift heavy items now.

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