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GRABO Slender Seal

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Slenderseal est un outil de levage polyvalent conçu pour les surfaces longues et étroites, telles que les carreaux, les pavés, les tuyaux et les plans de travail découpés. Il est parfait pour le bricolage et l’utilisation professionnelle et facilitera le levage et le déplacement de matériaux lourds. Avec sa construction durable et son design innovant, Slenderseal est un outil indispensable pour tout chantier ou projet de rénovation.


UGS : RK23002 Catégorie : GTIN: 840082400530
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Slender Seal

Slender Seal est un nouveau système d’étanchéité qui s’adapte à tous les modèles GRABO, y compris Nemo GRABO, GRABO Pro lifter-20, RTC tools GRABO, FXAH-120 Probst GRABO, Topspin Powertools GRABO et d’autres unités de marque commune.

Pour soulever des surfaces plus longues et plus étroites, telles que des carreaux, des pavés, des tuyaux ou des tables de travail découpées.

La capacité de levage maximale est de 60 kg (132 lb).


GRABO Spécifications du joint mince :

Joint en mousse noire
Matériau Éponge en caoutchouc SBR
Couleur Noir
L x W x H 16.2 x 6.9 x 1.24” (411 x 175 x 31.5 mm)
Dimension du joint 371 x 65 mm
Densité 10.6 Lb/cft (170 kg/m^3)
Dureté, Shore C ~10 +/-2
Pression de déchirement 1800 Psi (126 kg/cm^2)
Compression à 25 % à 8.5 Psi (6000 kg/m^2)
Durée de vie (compressions jusqu’à la réduction des performances). ~900
Absorption de l’eau, % <=5
Rétrécissement à 160F (70C) pendant 24 heures, en %. <=20
Température de stockage recommandée Température ambiante
Sceau rouge
Matériau Mousse de silicone
Couleur Rouge
L x W x H 16.2 x 6.9 x 1.24” (411 x 175 x 31.5 mm)
Densité 40.5 Lb/cft (650 kg/m^3)
Dureté, Shore C 55 +/-5
Absorption de l’eau, % <=4
Température de stockage recommandée Température ambiante
Sceau complet
Caractéristiques Joint combiné sur cadre en plastique Profil mince

Capacité de levage:

Perpendicular Hold Z Parallel Hold Y Parallel Hold X
Maximum value Safe value(50%) Maximum value Safe value(50%) Maximum value Safe value(50%)
Verre 225 Lbs (100kg) 110 Lbs (50kg) 110 Lbs (50kg) 55 Lbs (25kg) 220 Lbs (100kg) 110 Lbs (50kg)
Métal 145 Lbs (66kg) 72.5 Lbs (33kg) 110 Lbs (50kg) 55 Lbs (25kg) 220 Lbs (100kg) 110 Lbs (50kg)
Bois 132 Lbs (60kg) 66 Lbs (30kg) 66 Lbs (30kg) 33 Lbs (15kg) 176 Lbs (80kg) 88 Lbs (40kg)
Béton brut 105 Lbs (48kg) 52.5 Lbs (24kg) 110 Lbs (50kg) 33 Lbs (15 kg) 220 Lbs (100kg) 110 Lbs (50kg)

6 avis pour GRABO Slender Seal

  1. Français

    Sarah W.

    I love this product! As a DIY enthusiast, I was skeptical about spending the money, but it was worth it. The Slenderseal makes lifting and moving heavy materials so much easier.

  2. Français

    John D.

    I’m a professional contractor and I highly recommend the Slenderseal. It has made my job so much easier and efficient. The construction is top-notch and it’s easy to use.

  3. Français

    Rachel S.

    I was hesitant to buy this product but I’m so glad I did. It’s a lifesaver for my home renovation projects. I no longer have to struggle with lifting heavy tiles or pavers.

  4. Français

    David B.

    This is an amazing product. It works great for lifting pipes and other narrow surfaces. The design is innovative and it’s so easy to use.

  5. Français

    Michael K.

    I highly recommend the Slenderseal. It’s perfect for any job site or home renovation project. The construction is durable and the design is innovative.

  6. Français

    Karen M.

    I was surprised by how much I liked this product. I didn’t think I would use it much, but I find myself reaching for it all the time. It makes lifting heavy materials so much easier.

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Les véritables fabricants et professionnels de l'industrie adorent GRABO. Regardez la première réaction d'Izzy Swan à GRABO, ses excellentes démonstrations et ses ajouts personnalisés créatifs. 

Déplacez sans effort et déplacez même les plus grandes installations de revêtement de sol, pièce par pièce. Déplacez délicatement les carreaux fragiles et l'aménagement paysager d'une pièce à l'autre. 


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  1. Français

    Richard Q.

    One person found this helpful

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  2. Français


    Use for picking up granite… I hung on the wall from it.. I’m 185 easy detach which I like…

    Review source: Amazon

  3. Français


    The only things I’ve been unable to grip with mine are objects in which either:
    A. …the surface is SO covered with particulate matter (e.g. covered in sand, dust, powder/flour, etc.) that the device is unable to form a seal, or…
    B. …something whose surface is not only irregular, but is also too porous to draw a vacuum against (roll of carpet, pile of pumice stone, a screen door, etc.), or…
    C. …something whose surface isn’t capable of supporting itself under any circumstances anyway (a pool of water, a pile of gravel, etc.)

    …and you know what? That’s all TOTALLY FAIR.

    One doesn’t pick up one of mankind’s most effective electromagnets and then grouse about it “”not working on non-metallic items””, or one of the world’s most-powerful acids, only to whine about it being “”unable to dissolve glass,”” either (or, at least, not without getting promptly lumped into the category of “”humans I hate on principle””).

    I CAN lift plywood, drywall/sheetrock/gypsum board/hardiback, tile, granite, marble, glass, metal of any sort, appliances, floor tools, cabinets, furniture… and gods only know what else I’ve yet to discover and/or simply haven’t thought to experiment with yet! Yanno the old saw about “”it’s not heavy, it’s just awkward!””? It’s genuinely shocking how true that actually is. We were able to move a California King mattress wrapped in plastic with NO problems. It was EASY with something to actually get a positive grip on.

    Hell: I was able to stick ONE of them to a finished ceiling, HANG PULLEYS from its integrated mounting brackets, and use IT, in turn, to HOIST A 90lb dust collector EIGHT FEET UP A WALL, then REST IT ATOP A SECOND ONE stuck to a bloody FINISHED INTERIOR WALL, tie off the rope, and leave it there – supported only by their respective suctions – until I had time to climb a ladder and lag bolt it in – OVERHEAD, AND BY MYSELF.

    Izzy Swan – genius inventor and all-around roaring badass – has done some really, REALLY cool brainstorming videos surrounding the use of them, too (I’m not affiliated in any way, just trés impressed):

    So has Andrew Klein (equally-genius, equally-badass-of-the-roaring-variety):

    Yes: they’re expensive. But, I assure you: you’ll be stunned how many applications around the shop you’re likely to find.
    One person found this helpful

    Review source: Amazon

  4. Français

    John D.

    I’m a professional contractor and I highly recommend the Slenderseal. It has made my job so much easier and efficient. The construction is top-notch and it’s easy to use.

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