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GRABO Batterie

Der Grabo-Akku ist ein Lithium-Ionen-Akku mit hoher Kapazität, 14,8 VDC und 2600 mAh. Sie wurde speziell für alle GRABO Modelle entwickelt, um Kompatibilität und optimale Leistung zu gewährleisten. Diese Batterie ist ein großartiger Ersatz oder eine Backup-Stromquelle für Ihr GRABO-Gerät.


Artikelnummer: GB2500 Kategorie: GTIN: 840082400059
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Akku mit hoher Kapazität – passend für alle Modelle (14.8VDC 2600mAh Li-ion) verpackt in einer farbigen Box.

4-Zellen-Lithium-Ionen-Akku für alle GRABO-Modelle. Passend für “Nemo GRABO”, “GRABO Pro”, “GRABO Plus”, “PROBST FXAH GRABO”.

GRABO battery

GRABO extra Akku-Spezifikation:

Zusammensetzung der Batteriezellen Lithium Ion
Anzahl der Einheiten 1 Zählung
Spannung 14.8 Volts
Gegenstand Gewicht 7.04 Ounces
  • Höchste Qualität
  • Osha-geprüft
  • Betriebszeit bei voller Ladung: 1,5 Stunden
  • 2 Stunden Ladezeit
  • Perfekt für industrielle und kommerzielle Anwendungen

Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 1 lbs


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Echte Hersteller und Branchenprofis lieben GRABO. Schauen Sie sich Izzy Swans erste Reaktion auf GRABO an, seine großartigen Demonstrationen und kreativen, maßgeschneiderten Ergänzungen. 

GRABO ist besessen von Qualität.
Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Marken für Elektrowerkzeuge entscheiden wir uns dafür, keine OEM-Produktion durch Drittanbieter zu nutzen. Wir haben unsere eigene vollständig im Besitz und von GRABO verwaltete Fabrik. Dadurch können wir unseren Kunden das beste Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis bieten und höchste Qualitätsstandards aufrechterhalten. 


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  1. Deutsch

    A. Dioguardi

    What do you get?
    A battery operated vacuum suction cup with carrying case.

    How does it work?
    Release the battery compartment, slide out the battery holder, install four AA batteries. Slide the holder back in and you’re ready to go.
    Push the suction cup against a flat surface, press the green button and you’ll hear the vacuum pump start. There’s a suction guage that SHOULD start to move when the pump starts. IF it doesn’t, the cup is not properly sealed against the surface. Once the guage reaches the green “zone” and maintains it for 3 seconds the pump will automatically turn off. If the tool begins to lose it’s suction the pump will turn back on and attempt to restore the vacuum into the green zone.
    Once you’re done. Simply push the green button a second time to turn off power to the pump. If you hit the vacuum release collar before you do this the pump will kick on and try to restore the vacuum. Not a huge deal, just push the button. But why make the pump work any longer than it has to.
    You’ll notice that there are multiple filter holes in the suction cup, most of these tools only have one. I’m going to assume one goes to vacuum guage and one goes to a vacuum sensor. Just a guess. In the manual there are rudimentaty instructions on how to change the white vacuum filter. Basically “remove fitler with the tip of a screw driver. Then push the replacement filter into the bottom plate and secure it” One of those “it sounds simple enough until you have to do it” instructions
    It somes with a nice cushioned carrying case to ptotect it. But doesn;t come with batteries. I took batteries that worked in my TV remotes, but they must have been close to depleted because the pump sounded like it was laboring. Put four fresh batteries in and it worked like a champ. So if you use this a lot you might want to invest in some rechargeable batteries.. The manual also suggests you remove the batteries when not in use.
    It’ll grip glass, drywall, tile etc ANYTHING WITH A SMOOTH surface. You might dream about going all Mission Impossible with these and start climbing buidings. Obviously I’m not the first one to think that, since there’s a very specific warning in the manual about NOT doing so. (I still think it would be cool) Under IDEAL LAB CONDITIONS it’s rated at 440lbs. Under WORKING CONDITIONS it’s rated at half that or 220lbs. So I hope you’re not too heavy.
    The benefit of this tool over others. NO pumping, there a guage to let you know the vacuum is holding and it automatically restores the vacuum should it begin to fail.
    The ultimate question: Is it a good value at $150? If you just need it occasionally perhaps a PAIR of another brand for $60 will work for you. If you need this for your livelihood, it might be worth it. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Deutsch


    The only things I’ve been unable to grip with mine are objects in which either:
    A. …the surface is SO covered with particulate matter (e.g. covered in sand, dust, powder/flour, etc.) that the device is unable to form a seal, or…
    B. …something whose surface is not only irregular, but is also too porous to draw a vacuum against (roll of carpet, pile of pumice stone, a screen door, etc.), or…
    C. …something whose surface isn’t capable of supporting itself under any circumstances anyway (a pool of water, a pile of gravel, etc.)

    …and you know what? That’s all TOTALLY FAIR.

    One doesn’t pick up one of mankind’s most effective electromagnets and then grouse about it “”not working on non-metallic items””, or one of the world’s most-powerful acids, only to whine about it being “”unable to dissolve glass,”” either (or, at least, not without getting promptly lumped into the category of “”humans I hate on principle””).

    I CAN lift plywood, drywall/sheetrock/gypsum board/hardiback, tile, granite, marble, glass, metal of any sort, appliances, floor tools, cabinets, furniture… and gods only know what else I’ve yet to discover and/or simply haven’t thought to experiment with yet! Yanno the old saw about “”it’s not heavy, it’s just awkward!””? It’s genuinely shocking how true that actually is. We were able to move a California King mattress wrapped in plastic with NO problems. It was EASY with something to actually get a positive grip on.

    Hell: I was able to stick ONE of them to a finished ceiling, HANG PULLEYS from its integrated mounting brackets, and use IT, in turn, to HOIST A 90lb dust collector EIGHT FEET UP A WALL, then REST IT ATOP A SECOND ONE stuck to a bloody FINISHED INTERIOR WALL, tie off the rope, and leave it there – supported only by their respective suctions – until I had time to climb a ladder and lag bolt it in – OVERHEAD, AND BY MYSELF.

    Izzy Swan – genius inventor and all-around roaring badass – has done some really, REALLY cool brainstorming videos surrounding the use of them, too (I’m not affiliated in any way, just trés impressed):

    So has Andrew Klein (equally-genius, equally-badass-of-the-roaring-variety):

    Yes: they’re expensive. But, I assure you: you’ll be stunned how many applications around the shop you’re likely to find.
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    Review source: Amazon

  3. Deutsch

    Tom Yando

    This seam setter has made my granite installation process so much smoother. It’s easy to use and I’m extremely happy with the precision of the tool.

  4. Deutsch

    Carolina F

    This pack of GRABO Pros is a lifesaver! It makes moving heavy items so much easier. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and performance of this product.

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