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Nemo GRABO 2 Batteries & 2 Seals

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Комплектът включва:

  • Преносим електрически вакуумен повдигач GRABO Classic с аналогов налягателен манометър
  • Капацитет на помпата: 20 литра в минута, което осигурява голяма вместимост за повдигане
  • 2 батерии и зарядно устройство
  • 1 заменяемо уплътнение (2 уплътнения в общо)
  • Здрава найлонова чанта за пренасяне
  • Резервни филтри Английско ръководство и цветна опаковка.

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Nemo GRABO е оригиналният инструмент, който промени начина, по който светът повдига, премества и инсталира материали. Този продукт е снабден с 2 батерии и 2 гумено уплътнения, за да гарантира, че имате всичко необходимо, за да свършите работата. Мощната технология на присмукване на GRABO ви позволява лесно да повдигате и премествате тежки предмети. Без значение дали премествате мебели, уреди или тежко оборудване, Nemo GRABO е идеалният инструмент за работата. Не позволявайте на тежкото повдигане да ви забавя – вземете си Nemo GRABO още днес!

23 отзива за Nemo GRABO 2 Batteries & 2 Seals

  1. Български

    Sara B

    My son was ecstatic to open this gift on Christmas. It will help him so much with installing drywall on a project he has going in his garage.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Български

    Jorge Hernandez

    I used it to set tile. Works great especially if you have to remove a tile you just set

    Review source: Amazon

  3. Български

    Richard Q.

    One person found this helpful

    Review source: Amazon

  4. Български


    Bought the Grabo about a year ago after seeing it on a couple different Youtube channels. Worked exactly as described and perfectly for moving large flat stuff easily. Drywall, wood doors, sheet metal, plastic, FRP panels, Plywood, etc. etc. etc..

    One day recently it stopped working. Opened it up looking for loose connections or bent battery terminals, no such luck. Went to their website and filled out the contact form for information on repair/warranty. Couple days later got an email from Fedex saying I had a shipment coming and another email from their customer service that they were shipping me a replacement for free. Should have it in a few days. Not many places have that level of support anymore. I won’t hesitate to recommend Grabo’s to all the tradesmen and women I know. I’ll be buying another as well for my workshop once it is completed.

    Review source: Amazon

  5. Български

    Craig B.

    This product works as advertised. I used it on a 24″x48″ porcelain tile floor job. It never lost suction and was a great asset for installing these large tiles while working alone. The unit was advertised as having 2 batteries and only came with one. The vendor was very prompt and proactive in getting an extra battery to me. Great product and fantastic customer service, I highly recommend both!

    Review source: Amazon

  6. Български

    K. Williams

    This thing is great for handling sheet goods though, unsurprisingly, doesn’t work with porous material like MDF. It works great on wallboard and plywood but anything that air can go *though* can’t be lifted.
    This model runs constantly so even with the most non-porous material, like glass, the pump continues to run. The pump on the “Pro” version only runs when the vacuum is low. Which to buy is up to the user. Both are good.

    Review source: Amazon

  7. Български


    Worth every cent. I have two year old Travertine Pavers that had some normal settling. I tried several things to lift them, but to no avail. This tool allows surgical removal of single tiles and easy, precise drop in as you put them back, all without damage to original pavers.

    Review source: Amazon

  8. Български

    Joe B

    I have a bluestone patio set in stone dust that time to time needs to be reset due to settling. It is a snap to pick up a piece of bluestone with one of these. They never failed. I ordered a second one because I have a few very large bluestones that make it too hard to lift with just one.

    Review source: Amazon

  9. Български

    Mohmmed alasad

    Thank you 😊
    I will buy another one

    Review source: Amazon

  10. Български

    Lewis Burgwald

    We intall tiles and this works great for the large format tiles.

    Review source: Amazon

  11. Български

    Duane Stephenson

    It will lift 2’ x 4’ tiles With ease

    Review source: Amazon

  12. Български

    Steven R. Dean

    I work mostly alone, this is an investment. Not a neat toy. The Grabbo saves your hands, your wrists, your arms. they make working faster and safer. 3/4 in OSB to metal frames of washers and dryers. This is going to be one of the greatest products of decade.

    Review source: Amazon

  13. Български

    Bruce L.

    While researching bluestone patio construction, mentioned was made of the Grabo. Naturally I had to have a closer look. It is an impressive design, well thought out, even down to the carrying case. It works extremely well. If you have a need for this kind of functionality, it is a superb tool.

    Review source: Amazon

  14. Български

    Christoher M. Ibarra

    OMG!!! Thank You!
    From lifting sheets of glass shower panes to lifting 2’ x 4’ large format tiles.
    From awkward to simple!
    Thank You!!!!

    Review source: Amazon

  15. Български


    This is the real deal! It can lift, hold & place uneven surfaced slate tiles, I’m impressed!! You’ll blow out your back before this baby fails. And what’s included: 1 unit, 2 batteries (so 1 can recharge), 2 gaskets, 1 110v charger, 1 hardcase.

    Review source: Amazon

  16. Български

    Amazon Customer

    Worked like advertised. No better recommendation than that. Was laying 2×2 concrete pavers apx 200 lbs per. Laid them at 4-5 rate of speed from doing by hand. Hooked carry chains where straps went to make much easier. Worth every penny

    Review source: Amazon

  17. Български


    This product makes tiling so much easier. No more dropped broken tiles!!!!

    Review source: Amazon

  18. Български

    Jorge Loredo

    Once you use one you’ll never go back

    Review source: Amazon

  19. Български

    sandi norman

    This thing is great. I use it to handle 4×12′ sheets of .063 aluminum.

    Review source: Amazon

  20. Български


    Undeniably the best suction cup system out there in the market. I’m a contractor and we lift heavy things all the time and with this being able to suction to a wide variety of surfaces makes it the best tool on the field.

    Review source: Amazon

  21. Български


    I was able to try one of these out from a coworker last Friday. What a device! An elegant and convenient tool. I look forward to ordering my own. It is a great improvement from my home brew vacuum fixture. With some selective attachments I see great potential in not just lifting and holding panels, but also for holding fixtures as I drill or do router template work. This will be like a mag drill for non-magnetic materials. I have always liked the venturi vacuum generators for the shop and the woods grip for everyrhing else. This truly is the best of both. As long as the batteries charge faster than they are depleted in the tool I will be set.

    Review source: Amazon

  22. Български


    Use for picking up granite… I hung on the wall from it.. I’m 185 easy detach which I like…

    Review source: Amazon

  23. Български


    Let me start by saying, if you can see this being useful, stop right here and just order it! I chose the older analog display model , well cuz I’m cheap… and this works just as well only cheaper!! Hands down best investment ever. So useful , picks up heavy natural slate material no problem , even the ones with natural uneven surfaces, unless it’s way uneven, but for the most part I’m completely blown away with how absolutely useful this thing is !!!

    Review source: Amazon

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  1. Български

    Greg Burton

    I unboxed this and attached it to the side of my safe. Pulled it around the shop. So, I got another one and attached foot holds with ropes to them. Now I’m climbing glass buildings like Spider-Man with them. You could probably pick up glass and tile with them, but I’d rather be Spider-Man, so that’s what I’m gonna do. In a world full of tile setters, be Spider-Man. Kirk out!

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Български

    A. Dioguardi

    What do you get?
    A battery operated vacuum suction cup with carrying case.

    How does it work?
    Release the battery compartment, slide out the battery holder, install four AA batteries. Slide the holder back in and you’re ready to go.
    Push the suction cup against a flat surface, press the green button and you’ll hear the vacuum pump start. There’s a suction guage that SHOULD start to move when the pump starts. IF it doesn’t, the cup is not properly sealed against the surface. Once the guage reaches the green “zone” and maintains it for 3 seconds the pump will automatically turn off. If the tool begins to lose it’s suction the pump will turn back on and attempt to restore the vacuum into the green zone.
    Once you’re done. Simply push the green button a second time to turn off power to the pump. If you hit the vacuum release collar before you do this the pump will kick on and try to restore the vacuum. Not a huge deal, just push the button. But why make the pump work any longer than it has to.
    You’ll notice that there are multiple filter holes in the suction cup, most of these tools only have one. I’m going to assume one goes to vacuum guage and one goes to a vacuum sensor. Just a guess. In the manual there are rudimentaty instructions on how to change the white vacuum filter. Basically “remove fitler with the tip of a screw driver. Then push the replacement filter into the bottom plate and secure it” One of those “it sounds simple enough until you have to do it” instructions
    It somes with a nice cushioned carrying case to ptotect it. But doesn;t come with batteries. I took batteries that worked in my TV remotes, but they must have been close to depleted because the pump sounded like it was laboring. Put four fresh batteries in and it worked like a champ. So if you use this a lot you might want to invest in some rechargeable batteries.. The manual also suggests you remove the batteries when not in use.
    It’ll grip glass, drywall, tile etc ANYTHING WITH A SMOOTH surface. You might dream about going all Mission Impossible with these and start climbing buidings. Obviously I’m not the first one to think that, since there’s a very specific warning in the manual about NOT doing so. (I still think it would be cool) Under IDEAL LAB CONDITIONS it’s rated at 440lbs. Under WORKING CONDITIONS it’s rated at half that or 220lbs. So I hope you’re not too heavy.
    The benefit of this tool over others. NO pumping, there a guage to let you know the vacuum is holding and it automatically restores the vacuum should it begin to fail.
    The ultimate question: Is it a good value at $150? If you just need it occasionally perhaps a PAIR of another brand for $60 will work for you. If you need this for your livelihood, it might be worth it. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

    Review source: Amazon

  3. Български

    Kinda Loni

    This canvas bag is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their tools organized and protected. The double zipper design is great and the tough canvas material is built to withstand heavy use.

  4. Български

    Amelia H

    The GRABO Foam Seal is a game changer! Easy to install and fits perfectly on all GRABO models.

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