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OTTOVAC is a portable electric vacuum lifting device intended to lift and move glass and any other material that has a smooth, flat and non-porous surface.

  • Fully electric, works on 4-AA batteries; no manual pumping required
  • Reliability and Safety: Built-in pressure sensor with automatic start/stop function
  • Maximum lifting capacity 200 kg (440 lbs)
  • Works on textured services
  • Red/Green LED indicator light for battery life
  • Dependability: No longer be frustrated with the manual cups losing pressure and losing suction to your material. OTTOVAC takes the guesswork out of it


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Glaziers, Rejoice! The OTTOVAC is a portable electric vacuum lifting device intended to lift and move glass and any other material that has a smooth, flat and non-porous surface. The OTTOVAC has a built-in pressure sensor with an automatic start/stop function. When the vacuum in the base of the suction cup reaches -55 kPa, the pump will automatically stop after a
three-second delay. When the vacuum level drops below -55 kPa, the pump will automatically restart, reaching the required pressure during operation.

19 reviews for OTTOVAC

  1. A. Dioguardi

    What do you get?
    A battery operated vacuum suction cup with carrying case.

    How does it work?
    Release the battery compartment, slide out the battery holder, install four AA batteries. Slide the holder back in and you’re ready to go.
    Push the suction cup against a flat surface, press the green button and you’ll hear the vacuum pump start. There’s a suction guage that SHOULD start to move when the pump starts. IF it doesn’t, the cup is not properly sealed against the surface. Once the guage reaches the green “zone” and maintains it for 3 seconds the pump will automatically turn off. If the tool begins to lose it’s suction the pump will turn back on and attempt to restore the vacuum into the green zone.
    Once you’re done. Simply push the green button a second time to turn off power to the pump. If you hit the vacuum release collar before you do this the pump will kick on and try to restore the vacuum. Not a huge deal, just push the button. But why make the pump work any longer than it has to.
    You’ll notice that there are multiple filter holes in the suction cup, most of these tools only have one. I’m going to assume one goes to vacuum guage and one goes to a vacuum sensor. Just a guess. In the manual there are rudimentaty instructions on how to change the white vacuum filter. Basically “remove fitler with the tip of a screw driver. Then push the replacement filter into the bottom plate and secure it” One of those “it sounds simple enough until you have to do it” instructions
    It somes with a nice cushioned carrying case to ptotect it. But doesn;t come with batteries. I took batteries that worked in my TV remotes, but they must have been close to depleted because the pump sounded like it was laboring. Put four fresh batteries in and it worked like a champ. So if you use this a lot you might want to invest in some rechargeable batteries.. The manual also suggests you remove the batteries when not in use.
    It’ll grip glass, drywall, tile etc ANYTHING WITH A SMOOTH surface. You might dream about going all Mission Impossible with these and start climbing buidings. Obviously I’m not the first one to think that, since there’s a very specific warning in the manual about NOT doing so. (I still think it would be cool) Under IDEAL LAB CONDITIONS it’s rated at 440lbs. Under WORKING CONDITIONS it’s rated at half that or 220lbs. So I hope you’re not too heavy.
    The benefit of this tool over others. NO pumping, there a guage to let you know the vacuum is holding and it automatically restores the vacuum should it begin to fail.
    The ultimate question: Is it a good value at $150? If you just need it occasionally perhaps a PAIR of another brand for $60 will work for you. If you need this for your livelihood, it might be worth it. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. SomebodyUused2Know

    This works well for picking up large, flat, smooth items. It is well made and easy to use. I just wonder if one could climb a building with several of these….

    Review source: Amazon

  3. New England Yankee

    I was skeptical, thinking the electric pump was gimmicky. But the cup appeared robustly constructed and Grabo’s electric vac cups are successful in their industrial line, so I ordered the Ottovac, which is in a more conventional form factor.

    It is truly robustly constructed. I particularly like having a steel handle frame. While there are a number of plastic parts, including much of the pump itself and the pressure release, they are non-stressed parts. Weight bearing parts are stout and the weight ratings and limits reflect that.

    My need is to assist in appliance and furniture moving, often simply to get items away from walls, over obstacles like rugs and sills, and to put them on dollies. Vac cups provide handles where you need them and, when the item is vac cup appropriate, MUCH faster and easier to use than just about any other method aside from an electric or hydraulic lift.

    I tested the Grabo Ottovac on wood furniture, on glass, and on appliances. The furniture items were mostly clear wood finishes – poly, lacquer, etc. – with somewhat porous surfaces. The Ottovac did lose vacuum on these, but the pump kept the vacuum in the green zone, allowing me to use the cup with no issue. I wouldn’t carry something any distance this way, but for a quick lift, it’s terrific and something that’s often either not possible at all or dangerous with a manually-pumped vac cup. On the non-porous surfaces, the Ottovac works perfectly and holds vacuum like any good vac cup … but is easier to use.

    A couple of small things: First, I do have to give a bit of a push on the cup when starting in order to get the vacuum to grab initially. Second, the release “button” is wonderfully easy to reach and use, but is almost TOO easy. An inadvertent release on a vac cup can be very dangerous. I wouldn’t mind having the release positioned down somewhat so as to make it less likely to hit it accidentally. Finally, the metal handle is smooth. It feels good but is slippery if your hands are wet or sweaty. Use gloves or tape-wrap the handle.

    This is a very good product, well-made, and effective. A few tweaks and it would be perfect. As it is, it’s a substantial step up in usability from the value-priced cups on the market. You pay for that, but IMO it’s worth it.

    Review source: Amazon

  4. StephenL

    This suction cup actually works well with sheet metal, but you have to make sure that the sheet is relatively flat when you are pulling the suction on it. If the suction does break loose, the pump automatically starts back up to achieve a suction back on the sheet. I have used this to move around 5′ x10′ x 16 gauge stainless steel sheets by myself and the cup locks on well and stays locked on while picking the sheet up vertically on its side. It will not pick the sheet up if it is laying flat, though you can lift one end up in order the get it up off of the sheet below it or to just help you stand it up on one edge. I use rechargeable batteries in mine and put them on charge after every use so I can’t say how long normal alkalines would last in this, but I really do like the auto pump on this suction cup.

    Review source: Amazon

  5. Mcgyver210

    I have a few manual pump suction clamps but they don’t compare to this one.


    Powered by commonly available AA batteries.
    Easy to use.
    One button control.
    Suction gauge.
    When the pressure falls vacuum automatically compensates.
    Vacuum is automatic one powered on.
    Nice hard case.
    Great holding power.
    Metal construction.


    No repair/ maintenance parts as with others I have.

    Review source: Amazon

  6. Tyler L

    This thing sucks awesome! Definitely will attach and vacuum suck and seal on to flat smooth surface items like glass windows or body panels!

    Review source: Amazon

  7. Adam Fath

    1. Battery life very long
    2. Easy to use
    3. Works on any flat surface so it has so many other uses
    4. Made by GRABO
    5. Automatically reseals

    Surface has to be smooth, the professional Grabos I think allows a lot more give. Where if there are any ridge lines, it will not sanction. Though this is expected.

    Most people know the brand GRABO, so it was not sure why this device was also called OTTOVAC. Regradless it works great! I used this specifically to install 12×24 tiles and it would have been a PIT if I did not have this. Besides easily holding the tile and placing it on the thin set, it also allows you to “wiggle” the tile around to make sure you have full contact and coverage.

    Review source: Amazon

  8. Shaddiii

    It is not possible to overstate how much I love this item. I love everything about it. Given how long the batteries last, the choice of using AA batteries instead of a proprietary battery pack was hands down the right call. The fact that the device actively monitors the pressure while on will save money. If it didn’t and the device started to lose pressure for any reason, then you would drop your work piece and that could be both expensive and dangerous. According to the manual, this device under absolute perfect conditions has been tested at 440lbs but is only rated for 220lbs.

    The thing that really makes me smile though is how compact the device is. I remember watching MythBusters as a kid. In one episode Adam Savage built a suction cup climbing rig to scale a building. It was big, heavy, complicated, and probably cost more than buying four of these. He would have killed for this product back then.

    It might seem like allot of money to spend on a suction cup and if you’re not using one all the time it probably is. But if you use big suction cups like this allot then you will be happy to pay for how much pain it will save your fingers.

    Review source: Amazon

  9. Sparky

    I am using this to lift and hold 26ga metal siding.
    I am not using it to move them but to lift and hold them in place while they are screwed in.
    I had a manual pump one but it only lasted a couple of weeks, I have been using this one daily for close to a month now.
    I am glad I spent the extra money on this one.
    5 STARS

    Review source: Amazon

  10. Katherine Cruz

    Exactly as shown in the picture. Made from really good material. Feels very sturdy and durable. Comes in handy for many DIY projects.

    Review source: Amazon

  11. Christian

    This electric suction vacuum cup has impressive holding power. It is well made and all controls are easy to reach and use. It utilizes 4 AA batteries (not included) and comes in a robust protective case. So far I’ve tested this to carry glass and it does an excellent job. I plan on utilizing this mostly to install tile in showers but can be used in wide range of applications.

    Review source: Amazon

  12. Tee Snyder

    I am impressed with the engineering, and care that was put into this design. I own a construction company and I can think of several possibilities for the application of this product. I did try the cup out, and would feel very comfortable lifting heavy doors and windows. The built in gauge gives you confidence when handling delicate materials, and products.

    Review source: Amazon

  13. Wm. Coale

    This is one of those tools that I would think, “that would be nice to have”–now it’s “how did I go so long without buying this?” This suction gripper is a must-have for people who need to move heavy objects with smooth surfaces–not just glass or large ceramic tiles! I found it incredibly useful for moving things like file cabinets–heavy as heck but without a place to grab onto!

    The gripper is quick and easy to charge, comes in a nice molded vinyl carry case that snaps securely, with clear instructions. What’s not to like?

    Review source: Amazon

  14. A. Crowe

    This thing makes moving things so much easier! So many times if something just had a handle, it would be much easier. Well here it is! A handle that has super strong suction and will stick to many things and make them easier to move.ç

    Review source: Amazon

  15. Zubicki Handmade

    Works as advertised, hard to tell, but I am lifting a stove/oven combo in the pic. This thing is so cool, not just for glass, it works on metal and sheets of plywood too. Only have two small gripes, first is the controls are a little fiddlely, you hit the button to start the suction, it turns off automatically when it’s reached proper suction, the only thing you have to get use to is to turn it off before you release it, if you forget to turn it off and hit the release button it will start pumping up again, not a big deal just a small learning curve. The second gripe is it is battery powered and didn’t come with batteries. Again not a deal breaker but it would of been nice. I’m planning on ordering a second one so I have one for each hand. Awesome product.

    Review source: Amazon

  16. Rebecca P

    Used this product to help carry HVAC units while putting them in attics and loading them to and from the trailers. The unit gets to suction quickly and the electric pump feature makes it so easy for one handed operation. So far it has held on while carrying a few hundred pound unit with ease. Definitely recommend it

    Review source: Amazon

  17. Greg Burton

    I unboxed this and attached it to the side of my safe. Pulled it around the shop. So, I got another one and attached foot holds with ropes to them. Now I’m climbing glass buildings like Spider-Man with them. You could probably pick up glass and tile with them, but I’d rather be Spider-Man, so that’s what I’m gonna do. In a world full of tile setters, be Spider-Man. Kirk out!

    Review source: Amazon

  18. Christine K. Cornett-McVay

    Has fantastic suction and is a much safer way to support and position glass items and drywall sheets. Easier on the back and fingers. Grips great. Easy to set the suction and has a comfortable grab handle. Perfect gift for the handyman in the family. Transports really well. Excellent durability. No hassle setup.

    Review source: Amazon

  19. Happy Mom

    This is a very well made suction cup, that I was easily able to lift over 200 LBS of weight while using. This cup has multiple suction points, automatic shutoff of the pump, gauge, and strong metal frame. The pressure relief, on/off switch, are all easily located near the handle. The automatic vacuum is awesome, very quick to lock on and draw a strong suction. The unit takes four AA batteries, which I used rechargeable batteries, worked great. You can see in the photo, I was getting over .6 bar of suction. I would recommend this suction cup to anyone who needed one.

    Hope this review helps you.

    Review source: Amazon

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  2. angel

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