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  1. Български


    It is not possible to overstate how much I love this item. I love everything about it. Given how long the batteries last, the choice of using AA batteries instead of a proprietary battery pack was hands down the right call. The fact that the device actively monitors the pressure while on will save money. If it didn’t and the device started to lose pressure for any reason, then you would drop your work piece and that could be both expensive and dangerous. According to the manual, this device under absolute perfect conditions has been tested at 440lbs but is only rated for 220lbs.

    The thing that really makes me smile though is how compact the device is. I remember watching MythBusters as a kid. In one episode Adam Savage built a suction cup climbing rig to scale a building. It was big, heavy, complicated, and probably cost more than buying four of these. He would have killed for this product back then.

    It might seem like allot of money to spend on a suction cup and if you’re not using one all the time it probably is. But if you use big suction cups like this allot then you will be happy to pay for how much pain it will save your fingers.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Български

    mike dyminski

    We used these for 1/2″ plate steel counter top installation. Good investment.

    Review source: Amazon

  3. Български

    Anthony oertel

    This thing is awesome. Received it the next day after I ordered it. Used it the minute I got it to just try it & it worked on glass & drywall . Took it to work the next day & used it on OSB plywood, Zip system plywood & framing lumber & had no problem with any of them . Can’t wait to use this awesome tool on more , love this tool .

    Review source: Amazon

  4. Български

    Carol Blesinky

    This charger has made my travels so much easier. I highly recommend it to anyone who uses the GRABO battery.

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