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    Happy Mom

    This is a very well made suction cup, that I was easily able to lift over 200 LBS of weight while using. This cup has multiple suction points, automatic shutoff of the pump, gauge, and strong metal frame. The pressure relief, on/off switch, are all easily located near the handle. The automatic vacuum is awesome, very quick to lock on and draw a strong suction. The unit takes four AA batteries, which I used rechargeable batteries, worked great. You can see in the photo, I was getting over .6 bar of suction. I would recommend this suction cup to anyone who needed one.

    Hope this review helps you.

    Review source: Amazon

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    This suction cup actually works well with sheet metal, but you have to make sure that the sheet is relatively flat when you are pulling the suction on it. If the suction does break loose, the pump automatically starts back up to achieve a suction back on the sheet. I have used this to move around 5′ x10′ x 16 gauge stainless steel sheets by myself and the cup locks on well and stays locked on while picking the sheet up vertically on its side. It will not pick the sheet up if it is laying flat, though you can lift one end up in order the get it up off of the sheet below it or to just help you stand it up on one edge. I use rechargeable batteries in mine and put them on charge after every use so I can’t say how long normal alkalines would last in this, but I really do like the auto pump on this suction cup.

    Review source: Amazon

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    David Werner

    This is a must-have for anyone who frequently travels. The interchangeable adapters make it so easy to charge my GRABO battery no matter where I am.

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    I am extremely satisfied with the GRABO Pro (4 Pack). It is the perfect solution for lifting and moving heavy objects with ease. I highly recommend it to anyone in need.

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