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  1. العربية

    Rich Lamothe / Glass Strategies

    We laminate textured fused glass and have always needed a suction cup to grab the undulated surfaces. This product is the answer for these situations. Now we can grab rough surfaces with ease. This is a great tool to have around the shop. We will be buying more.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. العربية

    Amazon Customer

    We received our Grabo yesterday and all our carpenters are very exited, we have only used it a few times to lift big picture windows and it works amazing. I can see us purchasing more it will save a lot of sore backs and speed up loading and unloading.

    Review source: Amazon

  3. العربية

    Laurentinus Maniani

    I recently started using the GRABO Brace Seal and I’m impressed with its performance. It’s easy to attach and holds everything securely. I highly recommend this product to anyone in need.

  4. العربية

    Richard Lison

    This foam seal has improved the performance of my GRABO vacuum significantly. No more leaks!

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