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  1. Happy Mom

    This is a very well made suction cup, that I was easily able to lift over 200 LBS of weight while using. This cup has multiple suction points, automatic shutoff of the pump, gauge, and strong metal frame. The pressure relief, on/off switch, are all easily located near the handle. The automatic vacuum is awesome, very quick to lock on and draw a strong suction. The unit takes four AA batteries, which I used rechargeable batteries, worked great. You can see in the photo, I was getting over .6 bar of suction. I would recommend this suction cup to anyone who needed one.

    Hope this review helps you.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Ja•• ••on


    Great tool

    Review Source: ubuy.hu

  3. steve cheshire

    ideal for lifting sandstone slabs

    Review source: Amazon

  4. Kyle Schmadeke

    This tool worked great, better than expected! On smooth to semi-smooth surfaces it has long-lasting holding power even after the pump is turned off. We used it on an acid-etched concrete panel and it carried the 120-lb panel with ease with the pump running continuously (which should be expected on this type of surface). They’re fairly light weight and ergonomic, which beats the heck out of air cups with hoses and compressors attached.

    Review source: Amazon

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