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GRABO RockSeal™

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Presentamos el GRABO RockSeal™ – la unidad patentada diseñada para sujetarse firmemente a superficies extremadamente rugosas y duras con un perfil de superficie de hasta 10 mm. Esta unidad es compatible con todos los modelos GRABO, por lo que es el complemento perfecto para su kit de herramientas. Tanto si trabaja en una obra como en un proyecto de bricolaje, el GRABO RockSeal™ es la solución definitiva para sujetarse firmemente a superficies rugosas. No deje que las superficies rugosas le frenen, ¡hágase con un GRABO RockSeal™ hoy mismo!


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RockSeal es un nuevo accesorio que se adapta a todos los modelos GRABO, incluidos Nemo GRABO, GRABO Pro lifter-20, RTC tools GRABO, FXAH-120 probst GRABO, Topspin internationa GRABO y otras unidades de otras marcas.
Esta unidad patentada está diseñada específicamente para sujetarse a superficies extremadamente rugosas y duras con un perfil de superficie de hasta 10 mm.

2 valoraciones en GRABO RockSeal™

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    Amazon Customer

    Used to move 2 mirrors 7 ½ ‘x5’ each. Unbelievably secure grip! Indicator stayed at full charge during an hours move.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Español

    Marian Isaia

    I’ve been using it all day and the battery was still full , so far so good 👍 👌 😌
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    Review source: Amazon

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  1. Español


    I was able to try one of these out from a coworker last Friday. What a device! An elegant and convenient tool. I look forward to ordering my own. It is a great improvement from my home brew vacuum fixture. With some selective attachments I see great potential in not just lifting and holding panels, but also for holding fixtures as I drill or do router template work. This will be like a mag drill for non-magnetic materials. I have always liked the venturi vacuum generators for the shop and the woods grip for everyrhing else. This truly is the best of both. As long as the batteries charge faster than they are depleted in the tool I will be set.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Español

    Joe B

    I have a bluestone patio set in stone dust that time to time needs to be reset due to settling. It is a snap to pick up a piece of bluestone with one of these. They never failed. I ordered a second one because I have a few very large bluestones that make it too hard to lift with just one.

    Review source: Amazon

  3. Español


    Had borrowed one from a friend last winter and it worked well. I bought my own for a specific project I was doing. This tool works excellent. I laid a 175 sq.ft. stone floor (about 50 – 24″”x24″”x1 1/4″” stones and cuts) The stones weigh about 50 lbs and have a rough thermal finish. The Grabo lifted with no problem. I was showing it to a carpenter and even on a plywood wall I could not pull it off . Highly recommend this tool.
    Also only used half the battery life over the two days of setting stone.

    Review source: Amazon

  4. Español

    Lisa Wata

    The best investment for carrying large stone sheets. So glad I got it!

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