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  1. Bryan Shoaf

    This is a very good product. But it only works on larger pavers and it works excellent on travertine. I wish it was a little smaller so it could get the regular size pavers too. Overall very satisfied.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Yo

    Let me start by saying, if you can see this being useful, stop right here and just order it! I chose the older analog display model , well cuz I’m cheap… and this works just as well only cheaper!! Hands down best investment ever. So useful , picks up heavy natural slate material no problem , even the ones with natural uneven surfaces, unless it’s way uneven, but for the most part I’m completely blown away with how absolutely useful this thing is !!!

    Review source: Amazon

  3. Craig B.

    This product works as advertised. I used it on a 24″x48″ porcelain tile floor job. It never lost suction and was a great asset for installing these large tiles while working alone. The unit was advertised as having 2 batteries and only came with one. The vendor was very prompt and proactive in getting an extra battery to me. Great product and fantastic customer service, I highly recommend both!

    Review source: Amazon

  4. EJ

    I was able to try one of these out from a coworker last Friday. What a device! An elegant and convenient tool. I look forward to ordering my own. It is a great improvement from my home brew vacuum fixture. With some selective attachments I see great potential in not just lifting and holding panels, but also for holding fixtures as I drill or do router template work. This will be like a mag drill for non-magnetic materials. I have always liked the venturi vacuum generators for the shop and the woods grip for everyrhing else. This truly is the best of both. As long as the batteries charge faster than they are depleted in the tool I will be set.

    Review source: Amazon

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