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  1. Zubicki Handmade

    Works as advertised, hard to tell, but I am lifting a stove/oven combo in the pic. This thing is so cool, not just for glass, it works on metal and sheets of plywood too. Only have two small gripes, first is the controls are a little fiddlely, you hit the button to start the suction, it turns off automatically when it’s reached proper suction, the only thing you have to get use to is to turn it off before you release it, if you forget to turn it off and hit the release button it will start pumping up again, not a big deal just a small learning curve. The second gripe is it is battery powered and didn’t come with batteries. Again not a deal breaker but it would of been nice. I’m planning on ordering a second one so I have one for each hand. Awesome product.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Amazon Customer

    Seriously. If you’re doing flagstone and you don’t have this tool, you don’t know what you’re missing. Really shines after you puzzle-in all your rocks and have to lift each one out to level individually. No easier way. Grab the handle and lift it out without disturbing anything around it including existing sand base. Set it back in with stability and precision. Way better tool than I though it would be. Worth every penny.

    Review source: Amazon

  3. Joseph

    Makes laying pavers much easier. I tried it on bluestone, concrete pavers and plywood. Doesn’t work on cinder block.

    Review Source: Lowe’s

  4. Customer

    very universal product

    Review Source: dortechdirect.co.uk

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