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  1. Rodney Cole

    Impressed with this lifter. Really works well. Easy to work and pleasantly surprised with how well it does.

    Review Source: dortechdirect.co.uk

  2. Jess Valeda

    Battery life could be longer.

    Review source: Amazon

  3. Curt Wurster

    Works as described . Strong don’t test on dry wall if you are over a screw patch it will pull the patch off the wall. Bad idea to test on living room wall. Haven’t been able to get then to slide off load very safe to use.

    Review source: Amazon

  4. Jeremy Johnson

    Ordered this last week after doing a glass install job. Did a bunch or research on different options. This seemed like the most advanced option. I of course was a little sceptical that it would work as good as it was shown. I opened it up and went into an apartment I’m renoing currently. Stuck it to the side of the fridge and was easily able to lift one side with no issues. I have shown it to a fellow tradesman who is thinking of purchasing a set or two for his quartz business he was so impressed with a couple minutes of operation time. I even tried to pick up our one home-made air scrubber. It weighs around 85lbs. The top is rough plywood and was covered in dust. After the machine sucked itself down it was no problem to pick up. After a quick blowdown we managed to pick it up without the motor on.(this being despite the manufacturer instructions to keep motor going on porous materials) just to see if it could live upto the hype. Very impressed and will recommend to anyone I can.

    Review source: Amazon

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