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GRABO Cabinet Install Plates By Izzy Swan (Set of 2)


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The Grabo Cabinet Installation Plates by Izzy Swan are here to offer you a safe and easy solution to hang and install cabinets all by yourself! The Cabinet Plates attach to any Grabo tool using the metal anchor points on the base plate of the Grabo tool. The plates are screwed in with the two bolts that are included with the plates. These plates give you the ability to utilize a flat, stable, and level surface for you to set heavy object on top of. This frees up the task of holding your cabinet or shelf up while you level, and drill your screws into the wall. Strop the struggle and hang cabinets the easy way all by yourself! This set includes two (2) plates.


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Weight 3.6 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9.5 × 4 in


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  1. Christine K. Cornett-McVay

    Has fantastic suction and is a much safer way to support and position glass items and drywall sheets. Easier on the back and fingers. Grips great. Easy to set the suction and has a comfortable grab handle. Perfect gift for the handyman in the family. Transports really well. Excellent durability. No hassle setup.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. Li•• ••le

    The media could not be loaded. This gadgets does what the cheap $10 suction cups from the local hardware store cannot do. It lifts pavers that are not perfectly smooth. I am not sure if it lifts the kind of pavers that look like giant vitamin tablets (with lots of little holes/cracks). It does lift my 18 inch pavers from Home Depot that weight about 40 pounds each. The paver tiles are not perfectly smooth like marble. They have a texture, but they are not the large pores like on the cheaper pavers that are commonly sold in the hardware stores. Thank goodness I did not have to buy a suction gadget that requires an air compressor. This helps a lot because when I was dropping the paver tiles by hand they would disturb the flattened sand bed. Even if I dropped the paver just about 1 inch from the ground, the sand would be disturbed, and I would have pavers that were a little uneven. I would have to pull them up and fix the sand. With this gadget, I will not have to do that. I can lay the paver tiles with very good control and not disturb the level sand. I LOVE this thing.

    Review Source: ubuy.hu

  3. J. w

    I use it in my remodel company for everything

    Review source: Amazon

  4. Mike P

    Amazing tool! Super fun to use makes jobs more enjoyable. Would recommend to most trades. I think this product will be a huge benefit to those who have to lift awkward materials.

    Review source: Amazon

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