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GRABO 90 Degree Stone Seam Setter

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GRABO 90 Degree Stone Seam Setters are professional seam setters which work on porous and non-porous surfaces for joining seams. Designed to make two workpieces to be a 90 degree angle for various material such as Granite, Stone, Marble or other similar stone material and it is widely used for kitchen island and bar counters.

  • Achieve straight seams for professional countertop installers
  • Fine-tuned adjustable knobs for precise levelling
  • Fine-tuned adjustable knobs for seam joining or opening
  • Made with long-lasting stainless steel components and tightening handles for heavy-duty stone tops
  • Attaches to all GRABO models

The product includes the 90 degree rails, two base plates, and the bag of hardware. Inside the bag of hardware, it should include:

  • Two large (8mm Allen) bolts to connect the rail to the base plates
  • 6 smaller (3/16th) bolts that connect the base plates to the GRABOs
  • And 6 washers and lock washers.


رمز المنتج: SST-1-1 التصنيف: GTIN: 840082400851
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7 مراجعات لـ GRABO 90 Degree Stone Seam Setter

  1. العربية

    Michael Tony

    This seam setter made installing my granite countertops so much easier! The quality is excellent and it is built to last. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  2. العربية

    Thomas Jane

    The GRABO 90 Degree Stone Seam Setter is a must-have for any stone countertop installation. It made my work look professional and I’m extremely satisfied with the results.

  3. العربية

    Tom Yando

    This seam setter has made my granite installation process so much smoother. It’s easy to use and I’m extremely happy with the precision of the tool.

  4. العربية

    Yaki Sarah

    I’m impressed with the precision of the GRABO 90 Degree Stone Seam Setter. My countertops look flawless thanks to this tool. I would highly recommend it to anyone working with stone countertops.

  5. العربية

    Brandon David

    The GRABO 90 Degree Stone Seam Setter is an essential tool for any stone countertop project. It’s so easy to use and the results are always perfect. I’m glad I purchased this product.

  6. العربية

    John Lucas

    I highly recommend this seam setter for anyone working with stone countertops. It’s durable, produces great results, and has made my job so much easier.

  7. العربية

    Lisa Hon

    The GRABO 90 Degree Stone Seam Setter is a game changer! I was able to achieve perfect 90 degree angles every time on my kitchen counters. I highly recommend this tool to anyone in the business.

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  1. العربية

    Katherine Cruz

    Exactly as shown in the picture. Made from really good material. Feels very sturdy and durable. Comes in handy for many DIY projects.

    Review source: Amazon

  2. العربية


    Worth every cent. I have two year old Travertine Pavers that had some normal settling. I tried several things to lift them, but to no avail. This tool allows surgical removal of single tiles and easy, precise drop in as you put them back, all without damage to original pavers.

    Review source: Amazon

  3. العربية

    Amazon Customer

    I’m a licensed glass contractor in Los Angeles and I’m so happy I found this product. Can lift virtually anything with it and the quality of the product is very nice. Doesn’t feel light and cheap. Highly recommend this product for many different trades.

    Review source: Amazon

  4. العربية

    David D.

    I never thought a small accessory like this could make such a big difference, but the GRABO Brace Seal has been a game changer for me. 5 stars!

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